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Douglas LRS Fly Rods
Douglas LRS Fly Rods
Item #:114662
Your Price:$149.00
Size  QuantityPrice
10ft 6wt 2pc (LRS F6102)  $149.00
10ft 7wt 2pc (LRS F7102)  $149.00
10ft 8wt 2pc (LRS F8102)  $149.00
10ft 9wt 2pc (LRS F9102)  $149.00
10ft 10wt 2pc (LRS F10102)  $149.00

The LRS, Lake, River and Sea, series of fly rods are designed for game fishing multiple species in numerous environments. These are two piece rods in a range that can cast multi-fly rigs or monster streamers. The LRS is all about affordable durability and versatility.

Includes Rod Sock and interchangeable 2” and 4” Fighting Butts.

21050 LRS F6102 10’0” #6 2
21055 LRS F7102 10’0” #7 2
21060 LRS F8102 10’0” #8 2
21065 LRS F9102 10’0” #9 2
21070 LRS F10102 10’0” #10 2


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