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Rio Avid Gold Trout Fly Line


Developed with tapers and technology that enhance the fly fishing experience, with ultra-slick performance.

RIO’s Avid series of fly lines were developed for the keen fly fisher with tapers and technology that enhance the fly fishing experience. Floating lines in the Avid series come in RIO’s two most popular and proven tapers, the Gold and the Grand. The Avid Gold is ideal for the angler who prefers smaller flies and more delicate presentations while the Avid Grand is better suited to anyone fishing larger flies where powerful turnover is more important. Both lines are built with RIO’s SlickCast technology for unmatched slickness and durability.
  • Welded loop on the front and back for fast rigging
  • Gold is best for smaller flies and better presentation
  • Grand is best for big flies and/or more powerful turnover
  • Built with RIO’s exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast coating

SlickCast creates the slickest, most durable coating on the market — producing the least amount of friction ever measured on a fly line. What does slick get you? For starters, line flies through the guides with higher line speeds for unprecedented and easy distance. The slick coating also allows anglers to fish more effectively as line slides out of the guides with less friction for extended drag-free drifts.

FRONT & BACK WELDED LOOP A neat, bullet-proof welded loop on the front and and rear end for fast rigging.

Model Size Head Length Overall Length Sink Rate Color
6-19695 WF3F 45ft (13.7m 70ft (21.3m) Floating Gold
6-19696 WF4F 46ft (14m) 80ft (24.4m) Floating Gold
6-19697 WF5F 47ft (14.3m) 80ft (24.4m) Floating Gold
6-19698 WF6F 48ft (14.6m) 80ft (24.4m) Floating Gold

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