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Umpqua Trout Shanks - 25/Pack

20 mm$8.50
50 mm$8.50

Umpqua's Trout Shanks are straight shanks that are perfect for tying "trailing hook" style flies, similar to those commonly used for steelhead. They also work exceptionally well for many articulated style streamers.

The 20mm size is a fine wire shank, which is perfect for tying small articulated leech-type patterns. The 50mm shank uses a heavier gauge of wire and is ideal for larger streamer patterns such as sculpin or baitfish trout streamers, or even small salmon and steelhead flies.

25 shanks per pack.
  • Articulated Trout Flies
  • Shank
  • Straight
  • Bronze
  • 20mm & 50mm shanks

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