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Winston Air 2 Fly Rod Blank

8ft 6in 3wt 4pc$548.00
8ft 6in 4wt 4pc$548.00
9ft 3wt 4pc$548.00
9ft 4wt 4pc$548.00
9ft 5wt 4pc$548.00
9ft 6wt 4pc$548.00
9ft 6in 4wt 4pc$548.00
9ft 6in 5wt 4pc$548.00
9ft 6in 6wt 4pc$548.00

WINSTON AIR™ fly rod blanks represent the very best in fly rod design after more than 88 years of rodmaking. They feature a quick flex and recovery through the casting stroke without feeling stiff to make sure you enjoy every cast. This revolutionary design features Winston’s new SuperSilica™ resin system with high modulus Boron graphite. This allows significantly less weight, more liveliness and higher responsiveness for optimum presentation.

  • Advanced carbon fiber combined with our SuperSilica lightweight resin system to improve toughness and durability
  • A new light and fast big game rod series with extra power cast after cast, without fatigue
  • Quick recovery with Winston Progressive Action
  • New stealth matte Winston Green finish for flats stalking
  • Smaller guides hold the line closer to the rod shaft to give better control through the cast and presentation.
  • Boron III technology for increased fighting/lifting power and added energy
  • Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, MT

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