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Saber Saint Peter Flat Tipped Ice Rod

20in L$29.95
24in L$29.95
28in L$29.95
20in M$29.95
24in M$29.95
28in M$29.95
24in H$29.95

Our custom-designed and flat-tipped Saint Peter rods give you the ultimate combination of sensitivity, control, and hook setting ability. Making them unbeatable panfish rods. The straight cork handle with bands allows you to attach your reel wherever you’d like to get the feel that you desire.
The extremely sensitive, fluorescent green tip aids in detecting even the lightest of upward or downward strikes, negating the need for a spring bobber. Custom sized spinning guides from tip-top to the bottom ensure smooth and consistent line retrieval without overweighting the tip of the rod. Using the hook-keeper prevents you from dealing with tangles when hole hopping, or trekking out to your favorite spot on the backside of the lake. Available in lengths of 20, 24, and 28 inches and power ratings of light, medium, and heavy.

  • Custom Flat-Tipped Fiberglass Blank
  • Straight Cork Handle
  • Bands For Customizing Reel Position
  • Spinning Guides Through The Tip
Model No Length Power Action Material
SP-20L 20in Light Fast Fiberglass
SP-24L 24in Light Fast Fiberglass
SP-28L 28in Light Fast Fiberglass
SP-20M 20in Medium Fast Fiberglass
SP-24M 24in Medium Fast Fiberglass
SP-28M 28in Medium Fast Fiberglass
SP-24H 24in Heavy Fast Fiberglass

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