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Saber S-Series Ice Rod

28in L$9.99
28in M$9.99
28in H$9.99

For those looking for a budget-friendly ice rod with a spine stiff enough for deadsticking or chasing larger fish sits our "S" series. Built on a moderate to fast action fiberglass blank we've included a black EVA foam handle, large tip-top guide to help prevent freeze ups, and our hook-keeper to keep you from dealing with line tangles when hole hopping or transporting the rod.

The fluorescent yellow rod and black handle provide excellent contrast to the white backdrop of the day's fishing grounds to help you better detect strikes and locate it should it get dropped in the snow while sprinting to your next flag. Available in 28 inch length and power ratings of light, medium, and heavy.

  • Fiberglass Blank
  • EVA Foam Handle
  • Threaded Reel Seat
  • Large Tip-Top Guide For Preventing Freeze-Ups
Model No Length Power Action Material
S-28L 28in Light Moderate To Fast Fiberglass
S-28M 28in Medium Moderate To Fast Fiberglass
S-28H 28in Heavy Moderate To Fast Fiberglass

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