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Hareline Snowshoe Rabbit Feet

Dark Dun$9.90
Light Dun$9.90
Medium Dun$9.90
Natural Cream$9.90
Olive - Out Of Stock$9.90

A good luck charm? You bet! Snowshoe rabbit fur is naturally waterproof, so it makes ultra-buggy, high-floating dry flies and irresistible emergers. It's essential for The Usual, a classic pattern from the Adirondack Mountains of New York that has fooled countless trout. Available in the natural cream and seven other colors.

MFG# Color
SRF11 Black
SRF89 Dark Dun
SRF208 Light Dun
SRF229 Medium Dun
SRF249 Natural Cream
SRF263 Olive
SRF322 Rust
SRF369 Tan


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