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Hareline Baitfish Emulator Flash

Fl Chartreuse$6.25
Fl Hot Pink$6.25
Grey Ghost$6.25
Hot Orange$6.25
Pearl Baitfish$6.25
Royal Blue$6.25

Hareline Baitfish Emulator Flash is a beautiful mix of differently textured thin mylars with a specially treated edge for winding. Wrap on two or three turns with a couple of over-wraps to lay the fibers back along the hook, add some holographic eyes and UV resin, and you have a simple, effective streamer. But the Emulator Flash can also be used in many other ways -- as a substitute for bucktail on small Clousers and Deceivers, as an underwing on articulated steelhead flies, a wound body on bead-head Euro nymphs, etc. Great stuff to experiment with and easy to handle.

1 yard per package

MFG# Color
BEF11 Black
BEF40 Brown
BEF127 Fl Chartreuse
BEF131 Fl Fuchsia
BEF133 Fl Hot Pink
BEF167 Grey Ghost
BEF187 Hot Orange
BEF200 Lavender
BEF263 Olive
BEF282 Peacock
BEF284 Pearl Baitfish
BEF298 Purple
BEF310 Red
BEF321 Royal Blue
BEF369 Tan
BEF383 Yellow


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