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Fly Fishing Nymph

Hareline Synthetic Quill Body

Adams Gray$3.92
Caddis Green$3.92

Stripped feather quills make a slender, segmented body for wets and dries. Hareline Synthetic Quill Body works the same way, but has some advantages: the quills are ready to use straight from the package, they're more flexible and durable than natural quills, and they're available in great hatch-matching colors. Coat with UV resin for maximum durability.

MFG# Color
SQB1 Adams Gray
SQB28 Blue Winged Olive
SQB49 Caddis Green
SQB206 Light Cahill
SQB310 Red Quill
SQB365 Sulphur Orange
SQB366 Sulphur Yellow
SQB377 White
SQB383 Yellow


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