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Winston Pure Fly Rod

7ft 2wt 4pc$975.00
6ft 6in 3wt 4pc$975.00
7ft 6in 3wt 4pc$975.00
7ft 6in 4wt 4pc$975.00
8ft 4wt 4pc$975.00
8ft 6in 4wt 4pc$975.00
9ft 4wt 4pc$975.00
9ft 5wt 4pc$975.00
10ft 3wt$975.00
10ft 4wt 4pc$975.00
10ft 5wt 4pc$975.00

Presenting the new Winston PURE series.

When you day dream of delicate presentation trout fishing, where does your mind wander? Some might imagine casting yellow humpies, stimulators, and Royal Wulffs on their favorite freestones.

Some might imagine undercut banks, beaver ponds, and giggling riffles on a secret cutthroat “crick.” Some might imagine a large pod of picky spring creek rainbows dimpling PMDs on a slow-moving current’s surface.

If these are your daydreams, we encourage you to explore our new PURE series of trout rods.

For those who prefer to fish with a light touch.
  • Advanced Boron III light line rods
  • Moderate action with quick recovery that allows for open loops for fine dry fly presentation along with the ability to generate faster line speed as required for different conditions
  • True Winston progressive action
  • Slim profile with fine grip and guide configurations for better connection to the rod
  • Proprietary design puts presentation and tippet protection as the first priority
  • Ideal for light nymph and dry fly fishing applications.
  • Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, MT
  • Action: Medium
  • Sections: 4-piece
  • Guides: Chrome nanolite stripper guide/chrome plated, light wire snake guides
  • Reel Seat: Nickel Silver with figured Maple insert
  • Storage: Premium graphite rod tube with embroidered logo rod sock
  • Weights: 2wt. thru 5wt.

Model Rod Line Length Grip
PUR0207004C PURE 270 2 wt 7" CIGAR
PUR0306064C PURE 366 3 wt 6' 6" CIGAR
PUR0307004C PURE 370 3 wt 7" CIGAR
PUR0307064C PURE 376 3 wt 7' 6" CIGAR
PUR0405094C PURE 459 4 wt 5' 9" CIGAR
PUR0407064C PURE 476 4 wt 7' 6" CIGAR
PUR0408004C PURE 480 4 wt 8' CIGAR
PUR0408064C PURE 486 4 wt 8' 6" CIGAR
PUR0409004C PURE 490 4 wt 9' CIGAR
PUR0509004C PURE 590 5 wt 9' CIGAR
PUR0310004C PURE 310 3 wt 10' CIGAR
PUR0410004C PURE 410 4 wt 10' CIGAR
PUR0510004C PURE 510 5 wt 10' CIGAR

Winston Pure 2wt:
The lightest, most delicate rod we make. Meant for happy-go-lucky streams, this rod perfectly casts microscopic dry flies on the lightest tippet, and bends to the butt section with the weight of a 7” brook trout.

Winston 3wt:
An entire selection of fun rods meant for small stream fishing. From the ultra-short 6’6” version, to the extra reach of the 10, this wide variety of 3 weights will accommodate any small stream or extremely delicate presentation that an angler requires.

Winston 4wt:
If you’re obsessed with feeding small flies to picky fish, our selection of 4 weight PUREs will be the perfect tools for presenting these specific patterns during heavy hatches. These rods blend accuracy, delicacy, and fish fighting strength. Think any spring creek from Paradise Valley, Montana, to the world renowned Driftless area in Wisconsin.

Winston 5wt:
Anglers that prefer a traditional progressive action for most of their trout fishing needs, will love our selections of 5 weight Pures. With either the 9’ or 10’ model, there’s plenty of room for a variety of fishing applications, from dry fly fishing on bigger western rivers, to light nymphing and small streamers. If you’re a fan of our older IM6 and WT models, the 5 weight PURE will provide the classic Winston feel in a taper that adds more accuracy and line control.

Winston 10’:
When presentation is still critical, but more reach is needed, our new 10’ Pure rods will extend your fishing. From fishing large slick water with dry flies, nymphing smaller water with tight line techniques and small indicators, and lifting more line and casting further on still waters the 10’ 3,4, and 5 weight Pure rods will increase your range without sacrificing delicacy.

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