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Author: Angelo Peluso
Publisher: SKYHORSE, Jul 2018
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 1-5107-1672-6

In An Angler's Guide to Smart Baits: Tips and Tactics on Fishing Twenty-First Century Artificials, veteran fisherman Angelo Peluso helps to navigate these often unsure waters of modern baits and how to fish them. Peluso takes readers through all the essential elements. Among the topics he explains, in depth, are: the appeal and purpose of materials used in modern lure construction, including hi-tech, durable plastics, acrylics and other polymers, and new-age finishes that give impressions of life; the modern science of both hard and soft baits; the sensory appeal of modern baits; and how to maximize a bait?s appeal to yield the most strikes and increase an angler's catch ratios. Including advice and input from expert lure designers, scientists, and manufacturers. 6x9 inches, 224 pgs.

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Angelo Peluso
SKYHORSE, Jul 2018
Warehouse Date: September 13, 2018
Subject Category: General Fishing Techniques
Binding Type: Softcover
Retail Price: $16.99
ISBN: 1-5107-1672-6
EAN: 978-1-5107-1672-8

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