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Author: Robert Kimber
Publisher: NATIONAL BOOK NETWORK, Jun 2004
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 0-89272-654-7

Essays that reveal the heart & soul of the wilderness experience, with practical tips on camping & canoeing in remote places. 35 B&W sketches by Jerry Stelmok; 5.5x8.5 inches, 224 pgs.

More Information
According to Robert Kimber,"wilderness canoeing is a wonderful way of 'being' in the world, exploring it, enjoying it, getting in touch with it." In this unique book, Kimber shared his personal paddling philosophy, aranged in an alphabetical progression of essays from "Backwards," Midday Snoozes," "North Woods Stroke," "Poling", and "Sex" to "Wet Feet" and much more. Part philosopher, part humorist, and an outstanding canoeist, Kimber reveals the heart & soul of the wilderness experience. Along the way, he reveals a host of practical tips on how to camp and canoe in remote places.

EXCERPT FROM "Semi-Wilderness"
What for instance, are large state or national parks? Wilderness or semi-wilderness? I would call them semi-wilderness areas in which a conscious effort is made to preseve as much of wilderness as possible. They certainly look a lot better than vast patches of paper-company holdings, which also qualify as semi-wilderness under the original definition. It is hard to think of 600 acres of clearcut as anything but a trashed landscape...At that point, terms like "semi-wilderness" or even "multiple-use forest" are no longer applicable, and it is time to call those lands "pulpwood plantations" and what grows on them not "trees" but toilet paper and newspring on the stump.

Jerry Stelmok
has been making canoes for more than 30 years. He is also the author or coauthor of three books, including Building the Maine Guide Canoe and The Wood & Canvas Canoe. He lives in Atkinson, Maine.

Robert Kimber
is a writer, translator, & canoeist. He is the author of several books & numerous articles & columns for Country Journal, Down East, Horticulture, Yankee, and other national magazines. He lives in Temple, Maine.

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