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Douglas Argus Rex Fly Reels
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Douglas Argus Rex Fly Reels

Argus has evolved. The bigger sibling of our wildly popular Argus reel, Argus Rex is a heavier frame click-check reel meant for rousing bouts on the water with large species.

On one hand, it is a beautiful reel, and on the other, there is no undue advantage given to the angler. The traditional click-check mechanism lets out a vigorous howl when the battle is on. Simple, classic, but robust. Reel includes a Twilled Pouch.

Features and Benefits
  • Made in upstate New York, USA
  • Machined bar stock 6061 aircraft aluminum
  • Standard arbor
  • Reversible click check with rim positioned adjustment
  • Marine brass reel foot
  • Type 2 anodized
  • Laser textured palming rim
  • Draw string chino twill fleeced lined reel bag
40100 No. 1 Argus Rex Reel DT9F & 90 – WF10F & 170
40105 No. 2 Argus Rex Reel DT10F &130 – WF10F & 300
40110 No. 3 Argus Rex Reel DT11F & 220 – WF12F & 400


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