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Author: Dale P. Clemens
Publisher: SKYHORSE, Jul 2016
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 1-5107-0195-8

A detailed work covering all aspects thread art from simple weaves to writing a name. Over 100 separate patterns, never before published, are pictured with step-by-step wrapping instructions. 200 B&W photos & illus; 7x10 inches, 240 pgs.

More Information
Most custom rod builders are always searching for new decorative thread patterns with which to distinguish their rods. The interest, enjoyment, and rewards have been so great that a separate art form has emerged. This book is a response to the endless search for new patterns and an in-depth exploration of design and advanced thread techniques. Over 100 separate patterns, never before published, are pictured with step-by-step wrapping instructions. Equally important are 24 different "design variations", almost all of which are applicable to each of the patterns. The total number of different patterns thereby provided becomes mathematically gigantic. In addition, there is an entire section on how to easily and simply design your own patterns.

However, this is much more than a book on patterns and design. For the first time, a common language has been carefully formulated for clear, concise communication. The terms simplify understanding and wrapping even the most complex wraps. Any pattern can be reduced to 2 simple elements:
1) Layout
2) Wrapping Sequence

By understanding the terms in this book and following the simple directions, anyone can wrap even the most complicated appearing pattern. All of the techniques for good thread artistry are thoroughly covered to assure excellent results.
* The fastest methods of wrapping the threads and how much tension to use
* Methods for accurately and rapidly laying out the wrap
* A foolproof system for sizing any pattern on any diameter blank
* How to easily handle a band of many threads wrapped at one time to
quickly fill in the background on a closed wrap
* How to keep track of threads wrapped in a complex pattern, thereby avoiding
mistakes and "getting lost
* Recording details of a wrap for future reference
* The best techniques of tightening a pattern for professional results
* A solution to the problem of making Closed Wraps on even sharply tapered
* Numerous easy ways of fitting in the last threads in a closed wrap for solid
thread covering
* Techniques for all kinds of base wraps - Multiple Thread, Hidden, Endless,
and Woven

An ingenious system of "tape replicas" is explained in detail. This allows testing and designing patterns in a mere fraction of the time required to do the same thing in thread on a blank. An entire chapter is devoted to step by step instructions and tips on Thread Weaving of objects and even scenes. Numerous patterns are given along with instructions on how to make a weave of any subject.

Filled with hundreds of photos and drawings, the book is quality handbound, so it will lay open for reference as you work. It will provide years of pleasure and pride in your work.

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