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Fly Shack Fly Palette Vest

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This item has been discontinued and is no longer available.

This unique vest incorporates 2 flip-down fly palettes. Each fly palette opens into a horizontal shelf holding a waterproof fly box. The fly boxes open for easy viewing of flies and since they are attached to the palette by Velcro, you do not need to worry about dropping your box. This allows for hands free selection of flies letting you concentrate on selection and tying your fly onto your leader.

Four internal pockets combine with 12 external pockets to hold all of your streamside gear. The large back pocket can double as a mini-backpack with plenty of room for your raincoat, lunch, and a few beverages. Rear D-ring for net attachment. Small front D-Rings serve as attachment points for retractors for you nippers, forceps, etc...

Includes 2 waterproof fly boxes. Each box holds up to 315 flies using v-slit foam.

Adjustable sizing allows for a custom fit. Simple clip-closure for easy on and off.

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