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Fly Shack Saranac Fly Reel - Clear
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Fly Shack Saranac Fly Reel - Clear

Step up to freight train stopping power with the Saranac Large Arbor Fly Reel. This beautifully designed reel is cold forged, tempered, and fully machined yielding a reel that is both lightweight and amazingly strong. Designed to resist flexing while fighting monster sized fish, this reel can handle it all.

At the core of this beast is a Multi-Disk Nano Carbon sealed drag system that delivers silky smooth operation and amazing heat dissipation that prevents drag fade even when tested at 3200 rpm with a 50% drag setting.

With this reel you will be ready to fight a leviathan - let's just hope your muscles are up for the challenge!

  • Cold forged, tempered, and fully machined frame, spool, and foot
  • Rounded shape maximizes usable spool space
  • Completely sealed drag system
  • Easily converts to and from left or right hand retrieve
  • Multi-Disk Nano Carbon Drag provides silky smooth drag and rapidly disapates heat
  • Tested to ensure that it will not overheat even at 3200 rpm at 50% drag.
  • Ball bearings & one way roller bearings support the spool on the shaft for ultra-smooth, ultra-precision operation
Size Reel Dia.
Spool Dia.
Arbor Dia.
Spool Width
3-5wt 3.03 2.76 1.61 1.02 5.64 4.01
5-7wt 3.43 3.15 2.05 1.1 6.17 4.96
7-9wt 3.82 3.54 2.17 1.18 6.88 7.29
9-11wt 4.17 3.9 2.28 1.26 7.76 9.87


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