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Author: Tim Palmer
Publisher: OREGON STATE UNIV. PRESS, Dec 2014
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 0-87071-627-1

Despite Oregon's watery reputation, the state has lacked a field guide for its many celebrated rivers & streams - until now. Preeminent river conservationist, photographer, this guide is an unprecedented reference that profiles 120 waterways throughout the state, from the Alsea to the Williamson. Color photos and illust.; 5x8 inches, 320 pgs.

More Information
Field Guide to Oregon Rivers offers travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and resource professionals an interpretive approach to the state's network of waterways. The book begins with a natural history of Oregon's rivers - geology, climate, hydrology, plants, animals, and ecology. Then in ten chapters organized by watersheds, Palmer presents portraits of individual rivers, with a summary of its character, notes about its nature and fish, and comments about ongoing threats along with protection efforts. He points to opportunities for seeing the river, hiking along its shores, fishing, and exploring by canoe, kayak, raft, or drift boat.

The guide concludes with a series of appendices addressing the Best River Running, the Best Hiking Along Rivers, the Best Fishing, Oregon's Finest Natural Rivers, and more. With fifty illustrations identifying common riparian plants and animals, and 150 of Palmer's award-winning photographs showcasing the variety and grandeur of Oregon's magnificent rivers estate, this volume is an ideal outdoor companion for all Oregonians and visitors to the state.

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