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Author: Topher Browne
Publisher: Wild River Press, Jan 2011
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 0-9842271-7-2

This brilliant new bible of fly fishing for Salmo salar, the legendary leaper, builds on the time-tested techniques of Wood, Waddington, Falkus, Wulff, et al., while equipping the 21st-century angler with the latest tactics and flies to effectively cover water anywhere in the world. Features chapters on where to fish for Atlantic salmon today?with a detailed overview of the finest rivers in all the major countries hosting runs of wild salmon. Color photos & ilus; 8.5x 11 inches, 463 pgs.

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When and why does a salmon take an angler?s fly?and what does the salmon actually see? These and other essential questions are answered thoroughly and intelligently in Atlantic Salmon Magic by Topher Browne, the most complete book on the subject in a generation.

Highly original overhead and cross-sectional diagrams of rivers show where salmon hold in different types of pools at various water levels?critical to an angler?s understanding of where to fish and where not to fish. The in-depth chapter on reading water alone is worth the price of admission.

Nearly 500 pages with hundreds of stunning color photos and original illustrations, Atlantic Salmon Magic is destined to become a classic. The book is an invaluable guide to everything salar. A rich literary and visual feast, this impressive new title from Wild River Press is an absolute must for the avid salmon angler.

FREE DVD! Each copy of Atlantic Salmon Magic comes with a one-hour DVD worth $30. A Home for Salmon is an exciting exploration of the rugged wild salmon rivers on the north coast of Russia?s Kola Peninsula. This is one of the finest fishing films ever produced with spectacular scenes of huge Atlantic salmon taking flies, fighting to get away, and being released to spawn. An amazing conservation success story and a grand fly-fishing adventure.

?Every generation of anglers, it seems, produces its own poet laureate to Salmo salar. In reading and paging through this lyrically written and beautifully illustrated salute to the salmon, it is evident to me that we have ours in Topher Browne. (Perhaps he is one of the Icelandic Browne?s?) Atlantic Salmon Magic is a great book. Please join me in congratulating the author and savoring the magic.?

Orri Vigf?sson
Reykjavick, Iceland
From the Special Foreword

A former professional guide, Topher Browne has fished for Atlantic salmon in Canada, Iceland, Scotland, Norway and Russia. As a casting instructor, the author of Atlantic Salmon Magic co-wrote and co-produced the spey-casting DVD, Spey to Z (2006). Trained and mentored in fly tying by the late Warren Duncan of Saint John, New Brunswick, Browne?s superb flies appear in various magazines and books, including the companion to this title, 100 Best Flies for Atlantic Salmon (Wild River Press, 2011). He lives in Portland, Maine.

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