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Scientific Anglers Waterproof Fly Box - Classic 176 Angled Fly Box - Medium - Yellow
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Scientific Anglers Waterproof Fly Box - Classic 176 Angled Fly Box - Medium - Yellow

Angled Medium Waterproof Fly Box

Most fly boxes do a number on bass bugs, poppers, and anything made out of deer hair. They end up mangled, crushed, and generally unusable. With the Classic Angled 176 fly box, smushed flies become a thing of the past. Designed to hold up to 176 medium-to-large flies, the 176 also features an angled center divider that provides added protection for all of your delicately tied deer-hair creations.

Waterproof Fly Box Design:

  • Holds medium to large bass bugs and allows you to store each Bass Bug in a thin profile.
  • Angled center divider prevents crushing poppers when closed
  • Slit foam for predetermined placement of flies
  • This box is also great for woolly worms, streamers and other large subsurface patterns
  • Waterproof, pocket sized with see though lid

Fly Sizes 04, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
Divider System Slanted or Angled
Number of Fly Slots 176
Size 6” x 4” x 1.5” (15cm x 10cm x 3.8cm)
Color Clear box/Yellow insert
Fly Types Wet Flies, Bass Bugs, Large Bass Bugs, Poppers, Saltwater, Streamer, Woolly Worms

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