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Author: Henry Beard and Roy McKie
Publisher: WORKMAN PUBLISHING, Apr 2002
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 0-7611-2642-2

One of the most popular books ever published on the art of angling looks irreverantly at the fishing life, from hook to line to sinker. A lexicon with over 200 dead-on definitions. 50+ illus; 4.25x4.25 inches, 304 pgs.

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From the 2.4-million-copy bestselling series that defines pastimes from sailing to gardening to computers, FISHING is a comprehensive compilation of angling words and phrases-from hook (an irritating but highly reliable device used to quickly locate one's thumb at the bottom of the tackle box) to line (length of filament stretched between two fishing rods and joined approximately at its midpoint by a pair of linked hooks) to sinker (a lead weight attached to the end of a fishing line to facilitate the safe disposal in deep water of unwanted lures). Plus, learn why chicken is the tuna of the sea, and the true meaning of terms such as rod and reel, fly-tying, trolling, and dribble. Every member of the pier group will bite. Over 522,000 copies in print.

Henry Beard
is the author of the well-defined dictionaries, as well as Zen for Cats, The Official Exceptions to the Rules of Golf, and The Official Politically Correct Dictionary, and co-author of Rationalizations to Live By. He is the original editor of National Lampoon.

Roy McKie illustrated all the well-defined dictionaries. He also illustrated many Dr. Seuss Beginning Books, which have over 20 million copies in print.

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