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Fly Shack Graphite Large Arbor (GLA) Fly Reel


Graphite Large Arbor (GLA) Fly Reel features disk drag and a light weight design for an affordable price. The drag engages when line is taken out from the reel, yet free wheels for easy line retrieval. The one way roller bearing engages the drag with zero backlash. Easily switch from left to right hand retrieve simply by flipping the roller bearing (see instructions below).

To change direction of retrieve (See photo below):
  1. Loosen spool retaining knob by spinning counter clockwise. The knob will remain on the spool after releasing from the frame.
  2. Remove spool from frame.
  3. Remove clutch (roller bearing) retainer by spinning counter clockwise.
  4. Remove plastic spacer.
  5. Remove roller bearing noting its orientation. You may need to tap the spool on a flat surface to release the roller bearing from the spool.
  6. Flip the roller bearing 180 degrees and replace into spool.
  7. Replace plastic spacer.
  8. Replace clutch retainer by spinning clockwise. The spool may now be returned to the frame.

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