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Author: Dave Reifsnyder
Publisher: Lumina Press, Apr 2006
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 1-59526-560-0

A series of stories about the passion for angling & how Dave's own life has been affected by it, one way or another. 6x9 inches, 212 pgs.

More Information
All Fishermen is a series of stories about the passion for angling and how my own life has been affected by it, one way or another." The theme of fishermen and how they are driven by the passion for their sport to the point of lying about it, is loosely woven through many of the stories and is central to the title chapter and its antithesis chapter. The early chapters are about the authors growing up with the passion for fishing but with the problem of having a father who wasnt interested at all in the sport; he therefore offered no support for Daves angling endeavorsexcept that he had a craving for fried fish. There was, however, a love for the sport in Daves blood; his maternal grandfather had been a serious and well-respected fly-fisherman back in the 1930s and 40s. The two were extremely close when Dave was very young, and despite the fact that they only fished together one time, just before he died, several of the chapters deal with his grandfather's spiritual influence on him as an angler. The final chapter closes the book with that theme, telling the story of how that spiritual influence continues even to the time of this book's writing, thirty-four years later. Other than that final chapter, the second half of the book takes a humorous look at several aspects of the sport of fishing. It dedicates chapters (one in the form of a three-act mini-play starring the late Jimmy Stewart) to themes such as fishing alone, buying the right equipment, fishing with worms, annual fishing traditions, The Big Sky country, and, of course, lying.

So, Are All Fisherman Liars ? Some of the stories are humorous, some emotional, and some are intended to deliver both humor and prompt a tear or two. I hope you enjoy reading All Fishermen as much as I have writing it."

Dave Reifsnyder
resides in his native home of Easton, Pennsylvania with his wife and two daughters. Other than spending summers in New Hampshire, he has never resided outside of Easton, where he was educated, including graduation from Lafayette College, receiving his BS in Biology in 1972. His early career was in the field of pharmaceutical microbiology and microbiological research and development. In 1996, he founded Microbiological Environments, a pharmaceutical services company and continues to serve as its president and director. Other than scientific publications, this is his first written work. In high school and college, he had a bent for creative writing and once considered a career in journalism. Mr. Reifsnyder draws on his rather uncanny memory of his childhood and young adulthood; this he credits to mental exercises he practiced over his many years of lengthy commutes during his career. He seems to remember just about everything about his distant past, right down to his grandfathers argyle socks. He has always had a plethora of hobbies and pastimes, but none approaches his passion for fishing and fly fishing. He is not a trout-bum-class-angler, however; he is a true family man.

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