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Author:K.H. Lucas
Item #:104026


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A gentle intro to a life-long love of nature & fly-fishing. The heartwarming journey of a young boy named Trout-tail showing you everything there is to love about fly-fishing. Peaceful river scenes & playful wording tied together with the images of a child engaging in a grown up world. Color photos & graphics; 8x9 inches, 40 pgs.

More Information:
Fly-Fishing with Trout-tail offers a gentle introduction to a life-long love of nature, care-taking of the outdoors and fly-fishing. It takes you on the heartwarming journey of a young boy named Trout-tail showing you everything there is to love about fly-fishing. It has peaceful river scenes and playful wording tied together with the images of a child engaging in a grown up world.

The author, K. H. Lucas, has illustrated the book with digital photography, colorful graphics and playful cutout images. The woodsy outdoor scenery is from Michigan, the Adirondacks, upstate New York and Ontario, Canada.

Like Stranger in the Woods, this book is part of an emerging new genre of photo-illustrated books for children. They offer colorful visual imagery and thoughtful communication to readers of all ages.

It has something for everyone ? including hidden flies throughout the book for pre-schoolers to enjoy!

As a gentle introduction to fly-fishing, it exposes readers, young and old, to the gear and terms while showing that fly-fishing is more than catching fish and that kids can fly-fish too!

This book speaks to kids with honesty and respect while instilling an overall sense of the depth and beauty of the sport.

"This is, by far, the best flyfishing book for young folks that we've encountered. With wonderful simplicity, a sweet story, great photos and fun graphics, Ms. Lucas reveals the 'essence' of flyfishing so well that we have given it to many of our 'adult' flyfishing students and friends. They always look up at the end and say "oh, yes... that's really what it's all about." We recommend this book highly to all ages and stages of flyfishers, and especially to those young ones in your life."
Dave & Emily Whitlock Whitlock Flyfishing School - Midway, Arkansas

?My dad put a fishing pole in my hands when I was eight years old and it changed my life,? Carl says. ?Fly-Fishing with Trout-tail brought me back to my childhood, bringing back fond memories of those special moments growing up.?

?It?s a gentle book that teaches a deep appreciation for the joy and wonder of the natural world from a child?s perspective,? says Jean Stoick.

Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick,
award-winning creators of Stranger in the Woods

?Fly-Fishing with Trout-tail has captured the essence of fly fishing for kids and adults -- the wonder of discovery, the joy of angling, and time spent on the water alone and with others. The pictures are excellent with vibrant colors and really tell a story of their own. It is an excellent book about kids and fly fishing. My kids and I really enjoyed it.? Dan Josephson ? Fly-fishing father of 4 young anglers and Research Associate - Cold Water Fish Management, Cornell University

"It's awesome, even if you don't fish!"

"My 4 year old loves to find the hidden flies and to hear the 'circle song'!"

"Fly-Fishing with Trout-tail should accompany every first fly-rod!"
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