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Author: David W. Morgan
Publisher: SCHIFFER BOOKS, Dec 2004
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 0-87033-557-X

Revised edition adds 2 sections; Mongol whips & the evolution of whip-making, influenced by Hollywood. Illus, glossary; 7?10 inches, 240 pgs.

More Information
Whipmaking?the highest refinement of the art of leather braiding?is the main emphasis of this book. While the original text focused on the design and construction of whips made in the Western tradition, this revised edition adds two completely new sections. First, it introduces another major category of whips?those made in the Mongol tradition. Braiding details are shown in an extensive selection of photographs that also serve to document the geographic distribution of the whips; their historic use and characteristics are explained in detailed captions. Second, a new chapter describes the evolution of a whip design that became world-famous through its association with Hollywood. The whips used by Indiana Jones were all made by the author, David W. Morgan. The first movie prompted an immediate revival of interest in whips for performance and sport use, and the enthusiasm has grown with each new film.

David Morgan
created all the whips used in the Indiana Jones movies. He and his wife currently operate a mail order business specializing in handcrafted items.

By training and profession David Morgan is a metallurgist. This technical background in physics and materials has aided greatly in understanding the use of materials in braiding and the action of whips.

Morgan became interested in the craft of whips and whipmaking from the independent tradesmen in the earlier days of handwork. He has apprenticed and researched with whipmakers in Australia.

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