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Varivas Fluorocarbon Super Tippet
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Varivas Fluorocarbon Super Tippet

Varivas Fluorocarbon Super Tippet
Comes with "Resin Coating" and "Non-Stress Coating". Ultra flexible, superior knot and ablation strength. Usually fluorocarbon is more durable than nylon but too stiff for sensitive tippets. The special coatings give Varivas Fluorocarbon Super Tippet the flexibility they need for fly presentation. Fluorocarbon has almost the same refractive index as water making it virtually invisible to fish.
*Sizes 0x to 10x and 16lb. and 20 lb.
*Depending on diameter, spool sizes are 25 and 30 meters.

SKU Description Strength Size
-4X .0154" 20 lb. 25 Meters
-2X .0141" 16 lb. 25 Meters
0X .0130" 14 lb. 25 Meters
1X .0117" 12 lb. 30 Meters
2X .0103" 9.2 lb. 30 Meters
3X .0086" 6.2 lb. 30 Meters
4X .0069" 4.4 lb. 30 Meters
5X .0060" 3.6 lb. 30 Meters
6X .0053" 2.8 lb. 30 Meters

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