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Publisher: DELORME MAPPING, Mar 2004
Binding: CD Rom
ISBN: A-O7232-201

Identify land use & land cover features that will vastly improve your trip lanning. FREE download of $50 worth of Aerial Data Packets (ADPs), including up-to-date aerial photos (DOQQs), 10-meter color satellite images, and scanned USGS 7.5-minute topographic maps (free downloads only available via Web download from the DeLorme 4-terabyte server). View and work with your imagery side-by-side with Topo USA's maps to gain an entirely new terrain perspective. $50 worth equals 50-square kilometers. Buy more when you want*.

More Information
West Region: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, & Wyoming.

* Get a 360-degree view of the terrain, in 3-D, from any map location! Add web links to enhance planning. Discover the difference aerial photos & satellite images can make.

* FREE CD included shows breathtaking aerial imagery of a variety of national places of interest

* Access and download DeLorme campground information from 16,107 State and National Parks using the software's Netlink tab

* New 3-D views let you look around from where you stand as well as out to where you're heading. You even can see the free imagery rendered on a realistic 3-D map

* Automatically download your GPS track files as routable roads or trails

* Includes updated trail data from 50 national parks and forests nationwide

* Includes the most recent national street network available from DeLorme

* Automatically route on trails for more than the previously restricted 50 miles -- ideal for long national trails like the Pacific Crest

* GPS Sun/Moon tab for outdoors usage

* More GPS settings including auto-start GPS, man-overboard waypoint marker, auto-magnify map when GPS is running, and enable WAAS and LED on USB Earthmate

*Link your favorite pictures to the maps. Show your favorite lake, mountain, or vacation home accurately located. Send to friends with included directions

* Link documents and Web urls to the maps

* Right-click to easily copy maps to the clipboard

* Right-click to see map information displayed on the Info tab

* New map colors and text labelling provide easier-to-read maps. Users can now choose between Streets and Topo color tables to change the appearance of the maps

* New Smart Dialogue Tool-tips help you get the most from your software. Turn them on and off at your discretion

* Select from many new colors in the Draw Tab. Draw Tab now includes multiple undos

* New Print-Screen function enables quick-printing of maps

* Split-screen views let you look at different map types side-by-side

* Draw on an aerial image on one side of the split-screen and it automatically draws on the adjacent map

* Create automatic street and highway routes to get you to the trailhead -- then create and print automatic trail routes showing elevations to bring with you

* Add your own routable trails and local streets to the maps to update new places as you discover them

* Experience easier waypoint management with the data exchange wizard

* Use multiple new map symbol sets -- all searchable within the software

* NOTE: We cannot guarantee that we will have every area available for all imagery types but we do offer a 4-terrabyte imagery server from which you can access most everything you should need.

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