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Author: Robert Thompson
Publisher: Thirdyearflyfisher, May 2013
Binding: DVD
ISBN: 0-TYF-35

Crawford county Michigan, for many, is the center of the fly fishing universe. The holy waters of the Au Sable River its glistening sun. The Au Sable is life. From legendary mayfly hatches, to the birth of trout unlimited, from its famed Au Sable river boats, to the epic battles over land and mineral rights between profit-crazed corporations and grizzled river warriors, this river and its storied trout are the life?s blood of generations. bonus features include the full version of ?the brothers brown? and ?summers?, a story about bamboo rod making legend bob summers. 180 min.

More Information
Main feature is The River with a run time of 2 hours. There are two other bonus features as well. The first is the full version of The Brothers Brown (played on last years Fly Fishing Film Tour) which runs 43 minutes and the second bonus feature is called Summers about legendary Michigan bamboo rod maker Bob Summers, that one runs 25 minutes.

Below are the trailers for all three pieces.... The River Summers Brothers Brown

Wow. What an amazing body of work. I love the way you tell stories?you include the geology, the biology, the geography, but most of all the people. And not just famous anglers, but ordinary fishermen not connected with the industry in any way. We need more of that in our fishing films.

In short, it is a gorgeous work of art that held my interest from start to finish. A feast for the eyes and the soul. I just wish you had the time and money to do one on every major trout river in the US. Every river needs to have its story told by Robert Thompson. I have always wanted to fish the Au Sable and although I have not been able to yet, you have given me almost everything I would want to know about the river except the smell of the water and the feel of an Au Sable trout on my line.

Tom Rosenbauer
, Orvis Rod & Tackle

THE RIVER, presents a fair and balanced view of the importance of the Au Sable River to its valley, its wild creatures and its passionate guardians and anglers. This film brings home the expectation ,and the sense of obligation, of angling a fragile, treasured stream. Robert, you did a wonderful job with the dvd and I'm proud to have been a part of it.

Bob Linsenman is the author of Trout Streams Of Michigan & River Journal For The Au Sable

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