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Author: Gordon Hutchinson
Publisher: Louisiana Sportsman, Jun 2005
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 0-9709813-2-5

Hutchinson follows several generations of a Southern family through the classic method of a troubador -- a tale-teller who describes the story as it evolves. 9x6 inches, 217 pgs.

More Information
Robert Ruark can rest easy. A new tale has been told to take up where The Old Man and the Boy left off. Gordon Hutchinson has written a story of growing up steeped in the traditions of the hunt. The boy and Pa in Hutchinson's new classic The Quest and the Quarry follow in the footsteps of Ruark's grandfather and boy in his timeless tales of a young man growing up and learning life's lessons as he is mentored in the practices of the hunt.

His characters will resonate with anyone who ever was taught life's lessons with love and a gentle touch by a wise grandparent. Everyone, hunter or not, will be enraptured by these stirring vignettes on growing up in a farming family, pursuing trophy bucks, and learning the lessons of leading a good, character-driven life, taught by the wise old man and the ways of the hunt.

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