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Author: Gilles Tre-Hardy
Publisher: Trophy Room Books, Oct 1997
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 1-882458-16-8

Incredible autobiography of an intrepid big game hunter, a man who chose to to follow The Path of a Hunter throughout his life. Foreword by Marc Pechenart. Ltd. Ed. of 1000; Signed & numbered. 109 B&W photos; 7x10 inches, 318 pgs.

More Information
Make room on your bookshelf for a new classic! Move some of your hunting titles to one side. There are more photos of 100 pound elephant tusks in this book than in most others. However, this is more than a big game hunting book. It is the incredible autobiography of an intrepid big game hunter, a man who chose to to follow The Path of a Hunter throughout his life.

Tr?-Hardy himself was hunted during WW II, and twice escaped back to his native France. In Africa he was more like a John Boyes than a mere administrator or game warden. Some of his favorite saying: the bigger the game, the more important it is to be alone and anything that does not deserve a .470 is not worth hunting. When in a dangerous situation, it is important to make your mind up quickly and move your butt even more so. You might not know Tr?-Hardy today, but if you read this book, you won't forget him. No wonder he was selected to be personal PH for most French Presidents during his career, as well as for almost anyone who really wanted a very big elephant.

"What makes The Path of a Hunter particularly noteworthy are two things: one, it is an excellent account of life in post WWII French Colonial Africa and, two, there are serious (and I do mean serious) hundred-pound plus jumbos knocked off between the fly sheets of this volume. ... The Path of a Hunter offers a very interesting perspective that doesn't get nearly the attention compared to the rest of Africa. ...the book will be of particular interest to those who want a glimpse at an amazing assortment of (huge) ivory and a very interesting change of venue from all those British chaps." --Reviewed in Game Trails

"This is quite an absorbing book, beautifully written and well above the ordinary. It will be thoroughly enjoyed by all who have hunted in that great continent and greatly treasured by those lucky thousand that obtain a copy." --Reviewed in African Sporting Gazette

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