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Author: Leroy Thompson
Publisher: BANTAM (BDD)/RANDOM HOUSE, Jun 2013
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 1-78096-011-5

Illustrated with specially commissioned color artwork & drawing upon veterans' recollections; the engaging story of the M1903 Springfield, an iconic rifle prized for its lethal accuracy that equipped US & other troops for much of the 20th century. Color drawings & photos; 80 pgs.

More Information
Developed to replace the Model 1892 Krag-J?rgensen rifle, the Model 1903 Springfield was a five-shot bolt-action rifle that introduced the .30-06 cartridge - the standard US round until the introduction of the 7.62mm NATO cartridge - and gave the US infantryman a durable, magazine-fed weapon so renowned for its accuracy that it remained in service as a sniping rifle for decades after it was superseded by the M1 Garand in 1937. Extensively used in World War I, the M1903 Springfield saw widespread combat in World War II and Korea; even during the Vietnam War, US Marine snipers still used M1903 Springfield rifles, and it remains in service today with drill teams, color guards, and ceremonial units. When large numbers of M1903 Springfields were sold off to American civilians it became a popular hunting rifle and one of the most collected US military firearms due to the large number of variations.

During World War I, US troops developed a formidable reputation for marksmanship aided by the accuracy of the M1903 Springfield, which was widely used in that conflict alongside the Pattern 1917 Enfield. World War II saw the introduction of the M1903A3, which changed the rear sight so that it was closer to that of the M1 Garand, to allow easier training of troops who might be issued either rifle. The M1903A4 sniper version was used during World War II and later. Many infantry squads that were equipped with the Garand also had at least one "grenadier" who retained an '03 for launching rifle grenades.

"Photos, sidebars, technical drawings, anecdotes and index spice this handy guide."
- David L. Veres, (March 2013)

"The author provides a full history of the design, development and use of the M1903. He compares it to other similar weapons and there is the usual bit on firing the rifle. Modifications and accessories used on the rifle are also covered in considerable detail. Overall, it is an excellent book on this important US rifle and one that no enthusiast should be without."
- Scott Van Aken, (March 2013)

"This is a real labour of love. The book is beautifully written, carefully researched and well supported by a plethora of detailed schematics, period and present day photographs and lavish, specially commissioned original colour paintings by Osprey veteran Steve Noon. This book should be part of any Osprey collection and is, I dare say, Thompson?s best book to date."
- Military Modelcraft International

"...provides a fine focus on the late 1800s rifle used to overturn US troops' firepower disadvantage during World War I, and recounts the development of a rifle famed for its accuracy and used as a sniping weapon during the Korean War. Specially commissioned artwork accompanies veterans' recollections of the rifle and supplements a history documenting its military action and many successes, making this a 'must' for military and firearms holdings alike."
- The Midwest Book Review (May 2013)

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