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Author: Ted Leeson & Jim Schollmeyer
Publisher: Frank Amato Publications, Jun 2001
Binding: CD Rom
ISBN: 1-57188-259-6

Features over 3,000 color photo and over 400,000 words describing and showing, step-by-step, hundreds of fly-tying techniques! Leeson and Schollmeyer have collaborated to produce this masterful volume which will be the standard fly-tying reference book for the entire trout-fishing world. Through enormous effort on their part they bring to all who love flies and fly fishing a wonderful compendium of fly-tying knowledge. Works with PC or MAC.

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Darrell Martin - Contributing Editor, Fly Rod & Reel Magazine---Leeson and Schollmeyer have done all tiers a great service by collecting numerous tying methods in onel comprehensive volume. All tiers need this clear, concise, practical encyclopedia of tying. Leeson's simple, direct exposition is matched by Schollmeyer's clean, illuminating photography. There is nothing like it on your tying table. As your Benchside Reference becomes dod-eared, you will, by necessity, become a better tier.---

Gary LaFontaine - Author of Trout Flies:Proven Patterns---There's one absolutely best way to do a fly-tying book--describe the individual methods for applying different materials. No book has ever done this in pictures and words better than The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference. This massive, beautiful work is a classic that will be the standard for the foreseeable future.---

A.K. Best - Author of Production Fly Tying---The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference is an incredibly detailed book that will no doubt be recognized for many decades as the definitive guide to tying anything on a hook to create any kind of trout fly. With in-depth discussions of over 400 tying techniques dealing with both natural and synthetic materials, and demonstrated with more than 3,000 color photos, there is hardly a question concerning tying trout flies that goes unanswered.---

Art Scheck - Editor, Fly Tyer---Ted Leeson and Jim Schollmeyer have pulled off an admirable feat, producing an exhaustive compilation of fly-tying techniques, tricks, and methods. The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference is indeed the bench manual we have long needed. Its lucid instructions, logical arrangement, and first-rate photos will help any tier to expand his range of skills or solve problems at the vise. There's no longer any excuse for ot knowing how flies are built.---

Skip Morris - Author of Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple---I can't imagine a wiser paring for a book of this sort: two experienced fly tiers, one skilled with words , the other skilled with a camera. The result is an encyclopedic fly-tying book of clear images, ideas and instructions. What tier couldn't use that?---

Dave Whitlock - Renowned fly fisher, author and artist---The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference is the perfect title for this splendidly well-written and illustrated techniques and dressings book! Fly tyers, regardless of their skill and experience level, will find this book continuously helpfull!---"

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