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TFO Deer Creek Series Spey Rods - 13' 7/8wt 4pc (TF 7/8 130 4 DC)
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TFO Deer Creek Series Spey Rods - 13' 7/8wt 4pc (TF 7/8 130 4 DC)

Action: Medium Action

Are you two-handed yet?

While some might argue that properly executed Spey casts are the highest form of fly casting, we would probably all agree that these casts are visually compelling, personally gratifying, and a wonderful way to present a fly to a fish. For a collective 65 years, two Pacific Northwest Spey casters, Mike Kinney and Bob Meiser have perfected this art and have shared their knowledge through guiding, teaching, and perhaps most importantly, by designing a new line of Spey rods, the Deer Creek series of two-handed rods. The Deek Creek Series rods have casting properties that marry perfectly with modern Spey lines. They have a unique progressive-regressive traditional action making them ideal for executing all types of Spey and Skagit casts. These blanks are a beautiful translucent dark amethyst color with fittings and components selected by Mike and Bob.

Model Line Length Pieces Weight (OZ) Description Price
TF 5/6 126 4 DC 5/6 Wt. 12'-6" 4 7.6 350-550 grains $349.95
TF 7/8 130 4 DC 7/8 Wt. 13'-0" 4 8.7 450-700 grains $359.95
TF 7/8 140 4 DC 7/8 Wt. 14'-0" 4 9.2 450-700 grains $359.95
TF 8/9 136 4 DC 8/9 Wt. 13'-6" 4 9.5 550-800 grains $359.95
TF 8/9 150 4 DC 8/9 Wt. 15'-0" 4 10.6 600-850 grains $369.95
TF9/10 140 4 DC 10 Wt. 14'-0" 4 9.7 650-900 grains $369.95

The Temple Fork Outfitters No-Fault Warranty is for the life of the original registered owner. Fill out the online form or send in your registration card to activate your warranty. To use your No-Fault Warranty, simply return the damaged rod with $25 and your return shipping / contact information to TFO. They will repair or replace your rod and send it back to you in a business day.

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