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Scientific Anglers Freshwater/Saltwater Shooting Line
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Scientific Anglers Freshwater/Saltwater Shooting Line

Intermediate Sinking Shooting Line


  • Exceptional casting distance in an intermediate line
  • Formulated to excel in all weather conditions
  • Keeps flies deep throughout the retrieve

Length: 100’/30 m • Sizes: 25 lb • 30 lb

Diameters: 25 lb: 0.030” • 30 lb: 0.035”

Sink Rate: 1.5 ips (Intermediate Type I)


Line characteristics:

  • Advanced Shooting Technology formulated line with patented hard coating for the ultimate in shootability and castability
  • Minimal-friction design delivers high speed, high performance and long distance excellence
  • Single-strand monocore delivers less tangling


  • Single-strand monofilament nylon


  • AST paired with PVC coating gives exceptional performance

Loop: Front
Featured Technologies: AST, Streamlined Loop

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