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Author: Attorney David B. Kopel, Attorney Stephen P. Halbrook, Ph.D., & Alan Korwin
Publisher: Bloomfield Press, Sep 2003
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 1-889632-05-8

The most important set of words written about your constitutional guarantees. If you think your gun rights are important, this book is for you. 672 pgs.

More Information
If you think your gun rights are important, this book is for you.

* 44 cases included, unedited, 92 cases in all!

* More than 1,000 highlighted quotations!

* Plain English descriptions for every case

The decisions of the Supreme Court are beautifully thought-out works of logic and reason (usually). In exquisite detail, the highest court of the land has interpreted our rights under the Second Amendment?and while some people have taken lately to belittling those freedoms, the High Court has recognized an individual right to arms in America for more than two centuries.

Here's the bottom line: the Supreme Court has upheld the legal tradition and historical record of private gun ownership, self defense, and armed self defense, since the country began.

They have not been quiet on the subject, and they have not disparaged individual rights?the days of saying that are now over. The High Court could change it's mind of course, but only by rejecting a record built up for hundreds of years. Don't take anyone's word for it any longer?see for yourself what the Supreme Court has said. It will make your day.

A superior reference, very quotable, an affordable one-volume debate winner.

* "About the Supreme Court's Gun Cases" by Alan Korwin
* "The Supreme Court's 35 Other Gun Cases" by David B. Kopel
* Insider's Guide to Winning Gun Cases in Federal Court by Stephen P. Halbrook
* Gun Guarantees in Individual State Constitutions by Prof. Eugene Volokh
* Complete text of the 44 main gun cases
* Relevant excerpts from 48 additional gun cases
* Descriptive Index of all 92 Cases (see sample below)
* Plain-English summaries of all 92 cases

Supreme Court Gun Cases is a good read thanks to the plain-English gists with each case?you?ve got mutinies, lovers climbing through bedroom windows, Wild West shootouts, mob ambushes, drunken brawls, drug busts, family feuds, international criminals?if you threw this much into a novel your agent would say you were nuts. But this is all real!

Alberty v. United States ? 1896 ? 162 U.S. 499 ? p.231
* If a husband sees another man trying to get into his wife?s room window at night is it natural for him to investigate further [YES];
* Is the husband under a duty to retreat when attacked with a knife under such circumstances [NO];
* May the husband use only as much force as is necessary to repel the assault [YES];
* If in an ensuing confrontation the husband shoots and kills the other man, then flees, must his flight in and of itself be seen as evidence of his guilt [NO].

"?a political earthquake? an exceptional piece of research?
the anti-freedom crowd is not going to like Supreme Court Gun Cases."
-- Larry Pratt, Executive Director, Gun Owners of America

"?wonderful? groundbreaking? belongs on the bookshelf of every practitioner of constitutional law? Gun rights are an integral part of each American's fundamental constitutional liberties."
-- Thomas C. Patterson, M.D., Chairman, Goldwater Institute

"?dynamite? Sometimes people need to defend themselves while
we're responding to a 911 call. Law enforcement officers know that
firearms in the hands of decent people are a deterrent to crime?
It's good to know the Supreme Court has been this positive about
gun rights and self defense? pulls the rug out from under politicians
who want you to believe you have no right to defend yourself or own a gun."
-- Joe Arpaio, "America's Toughest Sheriff"

"Academics and judges will be surprised (no actually shocked)...
The number of precedents is truly overwhelming."
-- John R. Lott, Jr., Ph.D., American Enterprise Institute

"?a stunning accomplishment?
will change the political landscape on the gun-rights debate."
-- Evan Nappen, Attorney and Author

"The dream team of American gun-law experts has driven a stake through
the heart of the anti-rights gun-ban lobby? gun haters will need to
manufacture new lies? The individual right to keep and bear arms is
an American tradition with roots as deep as the nation itself."
-- Alan Gottlieb, Chairman, Second Amendment Foundation

"While the Supremes have directly acknowledged the Second Amendment
as an individual right, this new book unearths 92 gun-related cases where
the High Court upheld, among other things, armed self-defense of person,
family and community?the heart of the Second Amendment.
The synopsis of the Miller case is the best I have ever read."
* Neal Knox, Gun-Rights Activist, The Firearms Coalition

"?strikes a powerful blow for freedom?
My hope and prayer is that your book will supply the brain-cell ammunition
necessary to continue our battle against those who would deny Americans
such a basic human right."
* Suzanna Gratia Hupp, Texas State Representative
Survivor of Luby's Massacre and Mother

"This book proves what NRA has been saying all along?
the Second Amendment protects an individual's right
to keep and bear arms?a freedom existing before America's
founding and enshrined in our Bill of Rights."
-- Wayne R. LaPierre
National Rifle Association Executive Vice President

"...should convince anyone that the right to own firearms
is at least as strong as the right to free speech. Bravo on an
important scholastic work that is easy to read and understand."
-- Tom Gresham, Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host

Alan Korwin
, author of three books and co-author of seven others, is a full-time freelance writer, consultant and businessman with a twenty-five-year track record. He is a founder and two-term past president of the Arizona Book Publishing Association, which has presented him with its Visionary Leadership award, named in his honor, the Korwin Award. He has received national awards for his publicity work as a member of the Society for Technical Communication, and is a past board member of the Arizona chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Working with American Express, Mr. Korwin wrote the executive-level strategic plan that defined that firm?s worldwide telecommunications strategy for the 1990s; he wrote the business plan that raised $5 million in venture capital and launched SkyMall; he did the publicity for Pulitzer Prize cartoonist Steve Benson?s fourth book; and he had a hand in developing ASPED, Arizona?s economic strategic plan. Korwin?s writing appears often in a wide spectrum of local and national publications.

Korwin's first book, The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide, came out in 1989. It explains the state's gun laws in plain-English and has spawned a series of guides that includes California, Florida, Texas, Virginia, and an unabridged edition of the federal gun laws, Gun Laws of America, with more on the way. His book, Wickenburg! The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Western Town, features a foreword by Barry Goldwater, and his full-color book Scottsdale came out in 1995. In 1997, HarperCollins released Safe Not Sorry, by Tanya Metaksa, which features three supplements Korwin wrote on national firearms law. His latest co-written book, Supreme Court Gun Cases, released at the end of 2003 after six years of effort, chronicles the entire High Court jurisprudence on guns. A partial list of Mr. Korwin's clients includes: American Express, SkyMall, ITT, Intel, IBM, AT&T, MicroAge, Wide World of Maps, Kroy, Three-Five Systems, NYNEX and The Mesa Varmint Callers.

Korwin turned his first book, The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide, into a self-published best-seller, now in its 20th edition. With his wife, Cheryl, he operates Bloomfield Press, which has grown into the largest producer and distributor of gun-law books in the country. It is built around six books he has completed on the subject, including the unabridged guide Gun Laws of America, an expanding line of related items, and countless radio and TV appearances. Supreme Court Gun Cases is his 10th book. Alan is widely recognized as a leading expert on America's gun laws.

Alan Korwin is originally from New York City, where his clients included IBM, AT&T, NYNEX and others, many with real names. He is a pretty good guitarist and singer, with a penchant for parody (his last band was The Cartridge Family). In 1986, finally married, he moved to the Valley of the Sun. It was a joyful and successful move.

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