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Author: Nick Lyons
Publisher: SKYHORSE, Nov 2012
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 1-62087-292-7

The classic memoir of a fly fisherman's love affair with a river. Recounts a month's adventures fishing on Spring Creek. Lyons draws a rare portrait of an angler actually learning to fish more wisely. Filled with battles between angler & trout, a few epic victories & even more epic defeats. 48 B&W illus by Mari Lyons; 6x9 inches, 176 pgs.

More Information
Popular fly-fishing author Nick Lyons recounts his adventures on Spring Creek, a private trout river that has been called "the best on our continent." Lyons explores the secrets and confronts the challenges of the river, and draws the rare portrait of an angler learning to fish more wisely. Spring Creek is a richly humorous and perceptive account of an angler's passion-and a book all fishermen will cherish.

"Nick Lyons is a national treasure... a writer of literature who fishes, and one of the best we have." -- Harry Middleton

"Spring Creek is everything a fishing book should be. It has the ability to convey the magic that always exists between somebody who loves fishing and a particular piece of water that endlessly lives up to its end of the bargain. And, more than anything else, Spring Creek is wise." -- Craig Nova

"Spring Creek represents Lyons at his very best, and fly-fishing at its very best, and a reader could scarcely wish for more." -- Steve Raymond

Nick Lyons
is the editor of Hemingway on Fishing, The Best Fishing Stories Ever Told, The Quotable Fisherman, and The Little Red Book of Dad's Wisdom. He has written over twenty books, mainly on fishing, in addition to hundreds of articles on the subject, which have appeared in such magazines as Harper?s, Outside, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, and Fly Fisherman. He splits his time between New York City and Woodstock, New York.

Mari Lyons, whose line drawings grace Spring Creek, exhibits regularly at First Street Gallery.

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