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Rite Standard Bobbin
Item #:108820
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Rite Standard Bobbin

No other bobbin offers the fly tier better thread control at any price. The bobbins are simple to use for any fly tier, from beginner to professional. Each click of the brass tension wheel adds approximately one ounce of tension to the fly tier's thread.

Merco takes extraordinary pride and stands by an unconditional guarantee of quality and workmanship for our bobbins. Your Riteā„¢ Bobbin will become an heirloom.

  • Ceramic Thread Tube
  • Small Diameter Barrel
  • Removable Vinyl Grip
  • Solid Brass Arm
  • "Click" Drag Adjustment
  • 1-9 ounces of thread tension
  • The most versatile of all fly tying bobbins

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