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Regal Medallion Vise
Item #:109602
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Regal Medallion Vise

The Regal Medallion Vise is the flagship of the Regal Vise. This iconic and often imitated design is the pinnacle of vise technology. Open the Jaws, insert your hook and start tying.

There is nothing to adjust even when you are switching from a tiny midge to a huge streamer hook.

All Medallion Vises revolve around a 360° axis and articulate 220° up and down.

This vise is available with many head and base options.

Custom Head Colors are available for Revolution, Medallion, and Travel Series Vises for an additional $35. Call for details. Colors: Ultra Violet, Pitch Purple, Royal Blue or Rustic Pine

Traditional and Bronze Traditional Base - RPBR-10T - Shown at left
Traditional and Bronze Pocket Base - RPBR-10P - Shown below
Traditional and Aluminum Pocket Base - RPPR-22
Traditional with C-Clamp - RCR-4

Midge and Bronze Pocket Base - RPBM-8T
Midge and Bronze Pocket Base - RPBM-8P
Midge and Aluminum Pocket Base - RPPM-20 - Shown Below
Midge with C-clamp - RCM-2

Big Game and Bronze Traditional Base - GVB-28T
Big Game and Bronze Pocket Base - GVB-28P
Big Game with C-Clamp - GVC-26- Shown Below

Stainless Steel and Bronze Traditional Base - STNSBMM-40T - Shown Below
Stainless Steel and Bronze Pocket Base - STNSBMM-40P
Stainless Steel with C-Clamp - STNSCMM-30

Custom Colors
Top to bottom: CC-V Ultra Violet, CC-P Pitch Purple, CC-B Royal Blue, CC-G Rustic Pine

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