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Author: Ron Forsyth
Publisher: NATIONAL BOOK NETWORK, Jul 2003
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 0-89272-626-1

A collection of stories carefully crafted & honestly presented. The exploration of the relationships between humans & dogs, or hunter & quarry. 58 B&W illus; 6x8 inches, 240 pgs.

More Information
Reflections, Man and Boy is a collection of honest, well-written stories -- some fictional, some autobiographical -- ranging across the author's native Australia. He grew up shooting rabbits (most Australian hunters start out that way) in an unassuming rural family and later began hunting quail and waterfowl. Sometimes wry, sometimes touching, the stories bring to life the author's family and friends, as well as the unique places of his home country. Yet, in their deft exploration of the relationships between humans and dogs, or hunter and quarry, the stories are universal.


"A colleague describes Ron Forsyth as 'Gene Hill with an edge.' Not a bad summation.... Reflections, Man and Boy is a collection of stories ... carefully crafted and honestly presented." --Shooting Sportsman

-- from the chapter, "Other Blokes' Dogs"

It was quite a figure he cut. After he'd splashed through the mud and water and then come in out of it, his hairy limbs were quivering and dripping. He'd put the dead teal down. There was a wild gleam in his pale eye as he cast rapid looks around the dawn sky to see if any more might have been flying over. His wet nose was quivering with excitement and he could even have been dribbling a bit.

That was my shooting mate. His dog cut a striking figure, as well, and we'll come to him shortly.

Ron Forsyth
has hunted all his life and has been a writer and editor in the fields of guns, dogs, and hunting for some twenty years. His work has appeared in such magazines as American Rifleman, The Retriever Journal, Shooting Sportsman, The Pointing Dog Journal, and many others. This is the first U.S. edition of his book. He lives in Birdwood, Australia.

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