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Author: Robert J. Montvoisin
Publisher: Trophy Room Books, Jul 2002
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 1-882458-32-X

Montvoisin lived, worked & hunted big game in Africa from the end of W.W. II until 10 years ago. An autobiography brimming with unforgettable experiences & stories of big game hunting. 226 B&W illus; 8.5x11 inches, 284 pgs.

More Information
Among the cast of characters that played a part in the growth of big game hunting in Central (and East) Africa, Robert Montvoisin must surely be one of the stars. His involvement, over an amazing almost 60 years--40 of them as a professional hunter--in 8 countries (Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Cameroon, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Morocco) surely rivals the careers of any professional hunter in Africa. His hunting dates back to the legendary times of Dominique Micheletti and George Bates (before they became partners) and continued past the closing of hunting in Kenya, when he went to Tanzania and Zambia. He hunted in Kenya with and for the noted Captain Laddy Wincza, in Zambia with the popular David Ommanney, and in Tanzania in the Selous Reserve.

Robert Montvoisin lived, worked and hunted big game in Africa from the end of World War II until 10 years ago. He was one of the first to hunt Africa's game fields in her golden era. As well, he was one of the last to experience the joys of hunting in the days when phenomenal game populations existed throughout the continent.

Elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, bongo and Lord Derby eland--from the forest galleries to the savannas, desert and lake regions--he's seen them all. Robert has successfully taken a host of top ranking trophies for a worldwide clientele. His career as a professional hunter in Africa is recognized as one of the most successful in modern times.

However, Robert Montvoisin is one professional hunter whose real life story is every bit as amazing as his big game hunting career. He spent almost 60 of his 80 years in Africa, always actively hunting, but not turning professional until he was almost 40 years old. He was a forest guard in Morocco, a mounted hunter (and deportee during the war), warehouse manager at Brazzaville, truck driver in Ivory Coast (then French Soudan), worker in Guinea and Niger, etc. Eventually, Robert wound up in Chad, where his professional hunting career began. Not long after that, he set his sights on Kilimanjaro and hunted professionally across the continent from west to east. His amazing encounters were not only with hundred pound tuskers, black maned lions, bongo and Lord Derby eland, but also with characters out of Conrad's Heart of Darkness, Trader Horn and Oubangui Chari. Robert was always fighting to eke out a living with energy and conviction in a part of the world that allowed few men to survive, let alone to prosper.

Ironcially, Robert's excellent early education and strict discipline served him well in Africa. Today it serves the reading public as well, because he has expertly crafted a superior big game hunting autobiography.

Part I of his amazing adventure-packed book is an autobiography brimming with unforgettable experiences and includes stories of big game hunting that took place before he turned professional or when he hunted alone while culling game for various governmental agencies. It also includes adventures that came to pass when he and Dominique Micheletti worked in Chad to capture game animals for zoos in Europe. These tow surely pioneered some of the practices still used to this day.

Part II consists exclusively of big game hunting stories culled from his exceptional 40 year career of taking clients afield. In all, there are 30 mesmerizing chapters and OVER 200 black & white photographs.

Robert Monvoisin's past was indeed fabulous. Although never rich financially, he is a man who was able to roam in any direction and who was a millionaire as regards to emotions. He filled his tank with adventure in Africa at a time when it was sufficient to have the enthusiasm and will to do what you wanted.

Reflecting back on the thousands of miles covered on the African continent, he knows it was time well spent. This book has been aptly titled Professional Hunter: Along the Roads to Adventure, and that surely sums up the incredible life of Robert J. Montvoisin.

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