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Author: Arthur J Pejsa
Publisher: PEJSA BALLISTICS, Jun 2009
Binding: Spiral-Softcover
ISBN: 0-974990-X10

Covers a wide range of informative topics. Useful topics organized for field use. MAX DISCOUNT 35%

More Information
The advanced novel methods devised by Arthur Pejsa permit air drag to be modeled precisely by simple, exact formulas for unheard-of precision. The software program computes trajectories, velocity, flight time, wind deflection, etc. with near-perfect accuracy. Other programs assume a fixed drag curve, usually that prescribed by the popular Ingalls Tables, which poorly fit the drag curves of modern, streamlined projectiles. With the Pejsa Ballistics program, velocity & drag data can be matched, permitting unequaled precision. With this program, shooters may, for instance, specify any hit height at any range or a maximum height at midrange. Output data may be in tables or plotted as curves. Ballistic coefficients, recoil, midrange, etc. may be computed as well as effects of temperature, altitude & inclines. This superior program is user-friendly, complete &, above all, ACCURATE enough to serve as the reference for evaluating other formulas & programs.

"The first ballistics book that relates, practically, to sporting cartridges."
Noted shooting expert & writer - Jim Carmichael

"The first treatment of ballistics, with drag, I've ever really understood. Congratulations!." - A University of Kentucky engineer

"You have accomplished what I would dare to call a 'Copernican Revolution' in ballistics & shooting." - A marksman from France

"Your program is magical--the only one that makes sense at 1000 yards." - An expert from England

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