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Author: George R. Miller
Publisher: Frank Amato Publications, Oct 2002
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 1-57188-235-9

An in-depth look into those peculiarities of Pacific Northwest weather. 8.5x11 inches, 174 pgs.

More Information
It acquaints the reader with why weather happens on a global scale down to the direction your campfire smoke will drift. The climate of the Pacific Northwest is as broad and varied as is found anywhere in the world, from dry eastern sections to cool and wet western sections. The book explores the reasons for this. It contains historical references to past storms, including Columbus Day-type, that have affected Oregon and Washington. Are those storms different from other storms? Weather patterns that cause hot and dry conditions, as well as frigid, cold and snowy arctic outbreaks are examined. The book is designed for the lay person, as well as a basic text in meteorology. It is a must-read for anyone interested in the weather.

"Nobody knows the weather of the Pacific Northwest as well as does George Miller. For many yeaers as a professional meteorologist and as a weather observer, George has studied and analyzed the weather to a remarkable degree. His interest spans the historical to the present and the future. This book is highly entertaining reading and is rich in scientific content. George's enthusiasm for the subject will rub off on the reader, who will come away with a much greater appreciation for that remarkable phenomenon that is our weather."
---Dr. Dan Johnson, Department of Geography, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

"If you love the Pacific Northwest, if you love weather, then you will love George Miller's new book, Pacific Northwest Weather: But My Barometer Says Fair! George covers a wide range of weather topics and paints a vivid and detailed picture of the way they relate to the Pacific Northwest. The book is an easy read. It's an entertaining read. Bus most of all, it's an interesting read. I would highly recommend it to anyone with even a passing interest in weather and would not be suprised to see it end up in classrooms."
---Dave Sweeney, Chief Meteorologist, KOIN-TV, Portland, Oregon

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