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Author: Taylor Streit
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 1-892469-04-9

Highlights the states top 20 fly fishing waters giving the essentials, such as when to go, what flies to use and tips for best success. Includes the Rio Grande and San Juan, Chama, Gila, Red, Cimmarron and Pecos Rivers and more; plus high-elevation lakes and fly fishing near the Taos area. Color illustrations & maps; 9x12 inches, 72 pgs.

More Information
This certainly is the no-poppycock guide to trout fishing in New Mexico. Basically in the Land of Enchantment there are 20 decent rivers (including their tributaries), streams, lakes and reservoirs where six varieties of trout, as well as pike, salmon, bass and crappie, may be hooked. The reader will quickly determine that the author has done both his homework and fieldwork and is intimately familiar with all game-fish waters in New Mexico. It is obvious that the author knows his business; a quote on the back cover notes that he has been a fisherman since Moby Dick was a minnow.

This is at once a fun and helpful guide, really geared to the amateur but potentially insightful also to advance fisher people who may not be familiar with a particular fishing locate. The book is an addition to the publishers 10 other No Nonsense fishing guides.

The first all-inclusive guide to fly fishing in the Land Of Enchantment. New Mexicos premier fly fishing authority, Taylor Streit, shows you where and how to fish the states top waters. This guide gives you quick and essential secrets on waters like the famous San Juan and Pecos Rivers and many more. Detailed maps show you where to fish and how to get there. Includes the best water, hatches and flies,the best time to fish, equipment youll need, accommodations and maps. This guide helps you quickly absorb the essential information youll need to fly fish New Mexicos twenty most outstanding waters.

The No Nonsense approach means you wont waste time. In a few moments youll know how and where to fly fish in New Mexico. Detailed, hand-drawn maps annotated by the author show you where to fish and how to get there. Read this guide and youll want to go fly fishing in New Mexico. Read this guide and youll know how to go fly fishing in New Mexico. Pack this guide in your car or take it to the waters edge for ready reference.

Cimarron River
Embudo Drainage
Gila West
Gila River
High Alpine Lakes
Jemez Mountains
Jicarilla Lakes
Los Pinos/Cruces Basin
Lower Chama River
Lower Rio Grande
Mid-Elevation Lakes
Pecos River
Red River
Rio Costilla
Rio Tenasco
Rio Vallecitos
San Juan River
Taos Area
Upper Chama River
Upper Rio Grande

Taylors one of the premiere fly fishing guides in New Mexico, and quite the author. Perhaps hes even the 'Jackson Streit' of that state, though he may consider it the other way around. He is the one to talk to if youre going to fly fish New Mexico." --Jackson Streit, Guide, outfitter, brother, and author of the No Nonsense Guide To Fly Fishing In Colorado


Hes been fly fishing since Moby Dick was a minnow, a fellow guide quips when mentioning Taylor Streit. This started over 40 years ago when Taylor learned to fly fish with his father in the Catskill Mountains. Now, Taylor Streit is THE authority on fly fishing in New Mexico. Mr. Streits ascension to this lofty position started in after his 1969 pilgrimage to New Mexico's uncrowded streams. In just a few years he became that state's number one professional fly fishing guide. The demand for Taylors services keeps him on New Mexicos fly fishing waters nearly year-round! Taylor owned and operated the Taos Fly Shop for ten years. He was recently awarded the status of Legendary Guide by the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame for his involvement in the sport. He also owned and managed a lodge in the Bahamas that specialized in guided Bonefishing. Currently he makes winter fly fishing trips to Argentina where he escorts fly fishers and explores fly fishing waters.

Taylor Streit has tied millions of flies. Hes developed many patterns known and used throughout The Land Of Enchantment that are essential for fly fishing success. Few flies are as endeared and effective as Taylors Poundmeister. That fly, and his other New Mexico specials, appear in this guidebook.

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