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Author: Sportsman's Connection
Publisher: Sportsman's Connection, Jan 2003
Binding: Spiral-Softcover
ISBN: 1-885010-55-9

Over 225 lakes with public access in Baraga, Dickinson, Gogebic, Houghton, Iron, Keweenaw, Menominee, and Ontonagon Counties. Includes Great Lakes and Isle Royale coverage. Area road maps, DNR stocking and survey data, fishing tips from local guides and bait shops, 225+ lake maps; 8.5x11 inches.

More Information
All Fishing Map Guides Include:
* Color contour lake maps
* Detailed lake information
* DNR stocking and survey data
* Local fishing information
* Area road maps

Discover new fishing opportunities close to home, or research an area before planning your vacation or buying lakefront property. You'll get color contour depth maps and detailed fishing information for 130-170+ Minnesota lakes in each sturdy, 8-1/2x11 spiral-bound guide. Also included are area road maps, DNR stocking and survey data and fishing tips from local guides and bait shops - for EVERY lake!

Baraga County, Dickinson County, Gogebic County, Houghton County, Iron County, Keweenaw County, Menominee County, and Ontonagon County

Waters covered: African, Big (Mud), Alberta Pond, Albino, Allen, Antoine, Bailey, Baker, Bass (Dickinson), Bass (Gogebic), Bass (Houghton), Bass (Iron), Bass (Menominee), Bateau, Big, Bay, East, Bay, West, Bear, East, Bear, West, Beatons, Beatons, Little, Beaufort, Bela, Big (Baraga), Big (Gogebic), Black River, Blue Bell, Bob, Bobcat, Bond Falls Flowage, Brule, Buck (Gogebic), Buck (Iron), Cable, Camp, Carney, Castle, Chalk Hills Impound., Chamberlain, Chaney, Chicagon, Cisco, Cisco Lakes Chain, Clark, Clear (Houghton), Clearwater, Coon, Corey, Cornelia, , County Line, Courtney, Craig, Crooked (Baraga), Crooked (Gogebic), Crystal, Cub, Curry, Dawn, Deadmans, Deer, Deer Island, Devils Head, Dinner, Doyle, Duck, Duck, Little, Eagle, Echo, Edey, Eel, Elbow, Ellen, Emily (Houghton), Emily (Iron), Erickson, Estes, Fanny Hooe, Finger, Fire, Fisher, Florence, Fortune Lakes Chain, George (Baraga), Gerald, Gibson, Glidden, Gogebic, Golden, Grass, Gratiot, Hagerman, Hamilton, Hanbury, Hay, Helen, Henry, High, Hilltop, , Holmes, Holmes, Upper, Ice, Imp, Indian, Irish, Iron, Isle Royale, James, Katherine, Kerr, Killdeer, King, Kunschke, Lac LaBelle, Lac Vieux Desert, Lake on Three, Lake on Two (Glitter), Lake Superior, Langford, Langford, Little, Lindsley, Lois, Long (Gogebic), Long (Iron), Long (Menominee), Loon, Lost, Louise, Mamie, Manganese, Marion, Markey, Marsh, Mary (Dickinson), Mary (Iron), Mastodon, Medora, Michigamme, Michigamme Res., Mink, Mirror, Mishike, Mitchell, Moon, Moosehead, Moraine, Morley, , Moss, Mountain, Nelson, Norway, Ormes, Ottawa (Pickerel), Otter, Oxbow, Little, Paint, Paint, East, Parmalee, Paw, Peavy (Pond) Res., Penegore, Pequet, Perch (Gogebic), Perch (Iron), Perrault, Pickerel, Pike, Plymouth, Pomeroy, Pomeroy, Little, Portage, Portage LK. Ship Canal, Porter, Powwow, Prickett Dam Res., Railroad, Range, Record, Redboat, Rice, Robinson, Rock, Roland (Baraga), Roland (Houghton), Runkle, Ruth, Sandy, Schneider, Scout, Shakey Lakes, Silver (Dickinson), Silver (Iron), Sixmile (Dickinson), , Sixmile (Ontonagon), Skyline, Smoky, Smoky, Little, Snap Jack, Snipe, Spree, St. Kathryn (Kidney), Stager, Stanley, Sucker, Sudden, Summit, Sun, Sundance, Sunset, Swan, Sylvania Wilderness, Tamarack, Taylor, Tepee, Thayer, Thousand Island, Thrush, Timber, Torch, Trapper, Twin Falls Flowage, Twist, Vermilac (Worm), Webb (Hannah Webb), White Rapids Flow., Whitefish, Wildwood, Wilson, Winslow.

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