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Author: Todd R. Berger, Editor; Photos by Alan & Sandy Carey; Forward by Roger Caras
Publisher: MBI Publishing, Feb 2000
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 0-89658-469-0

Showcases one of America's favorite pets at work, play, and rest. Writers include James Herriot, Dean Koontz and others. 120+ Color photos; 8.5x11, 160 pgs.

More Information
Like its stunning predecessor, Love of Labs, Love of Goldens showcases, in engaging text and inviting photos, one of America's favorite pets in all its glory.

With stories by leading writers including James Herriot, Dean Koontz, Timothy Foote, and Karyn Kay Zweifel, Love of Goldens contains literary treasures that golden retriever owners (and all dog enthusiasts) will cherish. From the joy of puppies to goldens' inherent talent for catching tennis balls and retrieving newspapers, to the unwavering loyalty of the nicest dog in the world, this collection pays the golden its due.

Together with these heart-warming tales, the spectacular, diverse photos by the famed team of Alan and Sandy Carey capture the easy-going temperament and golden good looks of this popular breed at work, play, and rest. Foreword by Roger Caras, President, ASPCA.

"Besides delightful pictures of these selfless dogs, this book includes reminiscences and fiction about their exploits in hunting and caring for children." --St. Paul Pioneer Press (St. Paul, MN)

". . . the ultimate gift for Valentine's Day or any other time. . . . the large-scale picture book includes essays by some of the world's best-known writers. . . . Stunning color photos . . . ." --Dog Fancy Magazine

". . .a must for all owners of golden retrievers and will be appreciated by anyone who enjoys a day in the field or a relaxing evening at home with any breed of gundog." --Reading Eagle (Reading, PA)

"Golden retriever owners and all dog lovers will appreciate this volume. From the joy of puppies to the work of the retriever, these pages describe the unwavering loyalty of the nicest dog in the world.

While the photographs are heartwarming and the text delightful, I also enjoyed reading quotes scattered throughout the book's pages . . . . Love of Goldens is a great book for any dog lover." --Michigan Out-of-Doors


Alan and Sandy Carey's work has appeared in nine other books and in several publications, including National Geographic, National Wildlife, Audubon, Smithsonian, Life, Time, Newsweek, Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, and other magazines and calendars. They live in Bozeman, Montana.

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