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Author: Don Bricker
Publisher: Trophy Room Books, Oct 2012
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 1-882458-43-5

Bricker is a keen, enthusiastic sport hunter whose accomplishments in the hunting field make enjoyable reading. His spirit translates into sprightly enjoyable recounting of worldwide big game adventures. His travels include numerous trips to Africa (which make up more than half of the book), as well as North America, Europe, Asia, & Australia. If you?re a sport hunter wanting to read about what current big game hunting is like from a client?s standpoint, then this is the book for you. 159 color photos; 8.5x11 inches, 335 pgs.

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large format. Ltd to 1,000 signed, numbered copies.

Foreword by Mike Bartlett. Intro by Craigh Hamman. Don Bricker is on every PH?s list of favorite clients. He?s a keen, enthusiastic hunter whose many accomplishments in the big game hunting field make for great reading (he?s an accomplished writer as well, unusual for a Doctor!). Most of the book is about hunting in Africa (lots of dangerous game), but Don has been to Europe, Asia, Australia, and made many hunts in North America (lots of sheep hunting). Don enjoys the thrill of the hunt, the solitude of the wilderness and challenges of the chase. The journey, he finds, often provides more memories than the destination. You meet all kinds of people in life; Don is the kind that makes you happy you selected the same road he travelled on. So let him take you along for the ride in his big game hunting vehicle.

Don Bricker is on every Professional Hunter?s list of favorite clients. His love of the outdoors and desire to hunt game worldwide permeates through the pages of his book just as it did for every one of the many hunts he?s been on. The title, Just Along for the Ride, may sound passive; however, Don Bricker is anything but.

Paraphrasing Mike Bartlett?s Foreword: I am proud to say that Don is my ?rafiki??good friend. Don was a keen hunter with excellent ethics, his quick wit and sense of humor warmed to everyone. ?Under stressful conditions, he is reliable. He remains levelheaded and calm, and listens for instructions, despite knowing he is quite capable of executing the correct action. He is a professional hunter?s dream.?

And from Craig Hamman?s Introduction: Don Bricker is like an old friend. ?To hunt with someone of such caliber (pun intended) has been a gift.? Don likes to experience the thrill of the hunt, the solitude of the wilderness and respect for nature?and he places this above that extra inch or pound. Some of his trophies were world class, others merely representative, but all accorded the same value.

After a lengthy education, including a residency in Thoracic and Cardiovascular surgery, Don set up private practice in West Texas and was confined to this practice for years. Eventually, after establishing a trained staff, he enthusiastically pursued international big game hunting as his prime avocation. His thrust has always been the thrill of the chase. The journey, he finds, often provides more memories than the destination.

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