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Author: John Wilson
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 0-7522-1969-3

Wilson has travelled all over the world in pursuit of the most exotic, exhilarating & acrobatic specieis of fish catchable on rod & line. This highlights 12 of the most spectacular locations & species visited. Full color throughout, 12 maps; 9x11 inches, 196 pgs.

More Information
In this thrilling journey around the globe, he visits 12 destinations, seeking out the legendary stureon in British Columbia, travelling to the land of King Solomon's Mines fame to fish for the famous Nile perch in the spray of Murchison Falls, and doing battle with bronze whaler sharks on Namibia's desolate Skeleton Coast, where the native fur seals come and take the bait from your hand. In India, John pursues the mighty mahseer, one of the largest and hardest-fighting freshwater fish in the world. He follows in Hemingway's footsteps and fishes for tarpon in the Florida Keys, as well as pursuing bonefish and barracuda on the stunning saltwater flats in the Bahamas.

It includes large format shots of the locations, including Iguacu Falls in Brazil and Murchison Falls in Uganda. The author details past trips and includes details of tackle and baits used, a rundown of the most successful techniques used, the best times of year and climate conditions, and what to watch out for. There is also a small location map of each of the 12 areas visited.

Wherever he goes, John's adventures bring him into contact with wonderful people and spectacular landscapes, and in this account of his travels his love of nature and instinctive gift for observation shine through on every page. Should you decide to follow in his footsteps, John also lists all the information necessary to make your trip a success--the best way to get there, who to contact once you arrive, what tackle to take and numerous other tips. Informative, and above all, inspirational, John Wilson's Greatest Fishing Adventures will delight all anglers, be they armchair specialists or seasoned globetrotters.

John Wilson
has become known to millions as the presenter of the hugely popular Anglish Television series: Go Fishing. A prolific angling writer, he has written over 20 books on the subject of fishing, and his books for Boxtree include the bestselling Go Fishing; Go Fishing Techniques; Wilson's Angle; the coarse fishing series for the Angling times Library: Catch Carp, Catch Pike, Catch Chub, Catch Tench, Catch Bream, Catch Barbel, Catch Roach, Rudd and Dace; John Wilson's Fishing Encyclopedia, The Complete Coarse Fisherman, John Wilson's Method Manual, and his autobiography, Fifty Years a Fisherman. He is also a regular contributor to several glossy angling magazines and now writes a weekly page for the Daily Express. When he's not travelling the globe looking for new species to catch, John runs his own two-lake fishery where he lives, just outside Norwish.

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