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Author: J. F. Burger
Publisher: SAFARI PRESS, Nov 1997
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 0-940143-66-6

This is the Bible on hunting the African buffalo, written by a man who shot more than one thousand of them in his lifetime. Illustrations; 342 pgs.

More Information
In 1986 Safari Press issued a limited, collector?s edition of this book, which was so popular that it sold out in less than a year. Horned Death is one man?s story about his lifelong trek after the African Cape buffalo. John Burger, whose name is synonymous with hunting the African buffalo, thought the buffalo to be the most dangerous big-game animal on the African continent?more dangerous than elephant or rhino. It is said that Burger, who began his buffalo-hunting career by supplying meat for the workers on the railroad lines before World War I, had more experience shooting the African buffalo than any other person. It took a man of rare courage to stand up to the crop destroyers, the rogues, the vindictive killers of natives, and John Burger was such a man. It has been said that when a buffalo decides he does not like you, he looks at you as though you ?owe him money.? You will find out in this book that the buffalo may take something a lot more valuable than your money when you make him angry?namely your life! Burger hunted in the Congo, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Zambia, but no matter where he was, the African buffalo always had his eye. Just as Walter Bell?s name is associated with elephant hunting, so John Burger?s name is associated with buffalo hunting. The reader will be swept along on adventures and close calls, not only with buffalo, but also with lions, elephants and other dangerous game. This is the Bible on the African buffalo, Africa?s horned death, written by a man who shot more than one thousand of these brutes in his lifetime. Guaranteed good reading!

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