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Author: Alexander Schwab
Publisher: Merlin Unwin Books, Apr 2003
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 1-873674-59-7

Anglers feel instinctively that their sport is not cruel. This book explains why their instincts are right - & exposes the confused philosophy of their accusers. 216 pgs.

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The anti-field sports lobby has led the debate on hunting, fidhing and shooting for the last decade. Hook, Line and Thinker is a book which turns the tables on the 'antis' and takes a fresh look at the assumptions which many now accept as facts.

* What is meant by cruelty?
* how do you measure pain?
* Who says man is an animal & that all animals are equal?
* Is man a fish without scales or is he something different?
* If catching and releasing a fish is cruel, then how cruel is eating one?
* What fieldsports have been banned, will we be asked to become vegetarians too?
* Where does religion fit in with fieldsports?
* How can one jusitfy keeping a pet cat which tortures before it kills?

Here is a book which tackles these issues from the philosophical viewpoint. It examines the ethics of the anti-fieldsports lobby and takes their arguments back to their roots. The conclusions expose the precarious philosophical ground of the anti-fieldsports lobby. It is they who should be on the run.

"His message? Fishing is good. I cannot recommend his book enough: it will, at the very least, give us anglers the philosophical ammunition to answer those who want to see the sport banned."
--Charles Clover, Daily Telegraph

"Schwab's book is a clever and measured response to the arguments levelled at our sport...Consider and examine the responses he so elegantly lays out ... the very least you can do is buy and read this book."
--Nick Fisher, Shooting Times

"After reducing the perimeter of our opponents' arguments to rubble, he undermines the foundations, carries away the spoil ...Schwab trashes just about every aspect of the animal rights movements' philosophy."
--Andrew Herd, Waterlog

"... I can do nothing but heap praise on it."
--Graham Marsden, Fishingmagic,

"I believe that anyone with more than a passing interest in our sport would greatly enjoy reading his work and that they would benefit greatly from it."
--Flyfisherman, spring 2003

"Alexander Schwab has written an informative book that every hunter and angler should read."
--Ian Scott, All-About Fly Fishing

"Hook, Line and Thinker is a fascinating analysis of whether angling is or can be cruel ... a thought provoking and original take on an issue of burning importance to all anglers.
--Charles Rangeley-Wilson, The Field

"I do hope that all those anglers who still think that we have nothing to worry about and that they should (in the UK at least) have nothing to do with those nasty blood thirsty people who hunt with "dogs", will read this book and understand why they are so wrong.
--Terry Lawton,

"A good book essential for all ... required reading for anyone involved in fieldsports."
--Midlander, The Countryman's Weekly

"He has two very interesting appendices entitled "Key Words" and "Animal Rights Quotes" which are worth the price of the book on their own ... so think of buying two copies and send one to your old school ..."
--Irish Country Sports and Country Life

"I cannot recommend this book enough."
--Daily Telegraph

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