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Author: John Walter
Publisher: MBI Publishing, Feb 2005
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 1-85367-637-3

A penetrating account of the weapons that elite fighting troops carry into combat. 16 pgs. of plates; 6x9 inches, 256 pgs.

More Information
* An authoritative guide to the guns used by elite forces

* Fully illustrated with photographs and diagrams

* Written by a world authority on firearms

The war against terrorism continues. Hardly a day goes by without the report of a new outrage. Foremost in the struggle against terrorism are the Special Forces.

Guns of the Elite Forces provides a penetrating account of the weapons that elite fighting troops carry into combat. Such elites have always existed in the armies of the world. During World War II, elite units sprang up in most theaters of the conflict--the German Brandenburgers carried out clandestine operations in Poland; in the Western Desert, the Long Range Desert Group and the SAS penetrated deep behind enemy lines; the British Commandos and the U.S. Rangers and Marine Raiders were formed for larger-scale raids.

In the wars following 1945, the Special Forces continued to prove their value, operating as small numbers of highly trained fighters carrying out precision tasks to maximum effect and minimum cost in human lives.

These qualities have shown themselves vital in the ongoing war against international terrorism, where the risks to noncombatants are major factors to consider. In the last few decades, and particularly since September 11, a very special sort of fighting man has risen to prominence: a member of an international elite, his fighting skills finely honed. At Entebbe, Mogadishu, and the Iranian Embassy in London, he has shown his mettle. At the crucial point, the operative must depend upon his gun. Bursting into a room to confront a terrorist, the raider must be sure his weapon will perform perfectly. At long range, precision is similarly essential. In this illustrated book, world-renowned expert John Walter provides an overview of the weapons elite forces carry into action, as well as the guns their enemies wield.

John Walter
is the acclaimed author of a number of books including Military Rifles of Two World Wars (1-85367-536-9), Military Handguns of Two World Wars (1-85367-557-1), The Greenhill Dictionary of Guns and Gunmakers (1-85367-392-7), Guns of the Third Reich (1-85367-598-9), and The Luger Story (1-85367-436-2).

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