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Author: Lorelie Scorzafava
Publisher: STACKPOLE BOOKS, Jan 2008
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 0-8117-3463-3

Planning & Preparing Complete Menus for Game, Fish, & Fowl. More than 50 menus & 300 easy-to-follow recipes combining familiar ingredients with prized wild meats. Complete menu suggestions from appetizer to dessert. 6x9 inches, 240 pgs.

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Planning & Preparing Complete Menus for Game, Fish, & Fowl

* More than 50 menus with over 300 easy-to-follow recipes combining familiar ingredients with prized wild meats
* Complete menu suggestions for each entree, from appetizer to dessert

For hunters challenged with what to do with 20 pounds of bear meat, this book has that answer & more. From recipes incorporating antelope & caribou to pheasant & red snapper, there is an entree to please every palate. In case the household chef cant decide what to serve as a side dish, the author provides complete recipes for each course. Consider an appetizer of spinach & roasted red pepper cheesecake, stuffed elk roast served with a boursin cheese potato bake, & old-fashioned custard for dessert. Or, try fried mushroom & prosciutto ravioli, followed by mustard-scented chukar partridge with warm German potato salad, & complete the meal with Melba peach shortcake. Recipes can be used together or separately to accommodate everyones tastes.

Lorelie Scorzafava
lives with her husband, Stackpole hunting author Dick Scorzafava, in Westfield, Massachusetts.

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